What is ETIX?

ETIX - is an automatic system issuing air tickets, taking into account their cost, which helps airline companies and travel agencies to increase their income from sales of air tickets.

Our system allows to issue tickets via one of our ticket-houses located in different parts of the world (Germany, Russia, USA, Israel...).

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How does ETIX work?

Login/Password After signing the agreement your agency gets an individual login/password to access the system.

Special API We provide a special API for connection of retail stores with the help of which you can issue tickets in a fully automatic mode, and also receive a preliminary assessment of the cost of the booking.

Airtickets You will be able to issue air tickets at the best prices any time, 24 /7. Also, you will be able to arrange re-booking and make returns.

You'll get an itinerary receipt online. If any errors occur, the system automatically notifies you about their nature and status.

How do I pay for Etix services?

The calculations can be carried out in three ways:

  • #1The most convenient and efficient payment method is a direct charge off from your corporate credit card by airline. It does not matter where and who issued a credit card. Internet travel agencies can put in credit cards of their customers doing reservations.
  • #2Conclusion of a Commission contract with our Company in Germany, according to which you will transfer money to our deposit account, which in its turn will be charged for the amounts for tickets. At the end of reporting period you will get a Commission report with our net prices and your sale prices.
  • #3Conclusion of an ordinary Commission contract in rubles, however this way is the least efficient.

The system involves:

  • All global and local rates (IATA, NETTO, BRUTTO,ETHNIK,TUROPERATOR,STUDENT..)
  • Revaluation of Tax and fuel fees
  • Currency differences supported by airlines and reservation systems
  • Interline - agreements between airlines
  • Credit card payment support
  • ETIX is efficient for ordinray as well as for internet travel agencies